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Continuous improvements in the waste management industry are essential in order to continually meet and exceed tough European standards, and at Re-Gen we’re never content until we’ve exhausted every potential avenue to creating a cleaner future.

In order to facilitate this, we established our own ‘Re-Gen Engineering’ department, and our team of dedicated R&D engineers are responsible for promoting continuous improvement within the company’s state of the art recycling facilities mainly by looking at new equipment and manufacturing processes.

Industry regulations on material recycling facilities constantly keep us striving for better, so the end result is an incredibly efficient factory, high quality end products for our customers and controlled costs for everyone concerned. Our aim is to innovate, collaborate, and add value. 

What We Do

At Re-Gen Engineering, our three goals are:

  1. MAXIMUM RECOVERY: Ensure the recovery of the maximum amount of recyclable material from feedstock materials
  2. QUALITY: Ensure that the recovered materials are to the highest possible standard for end markets
  3. IMPROVING EFFICIENCY:  Refine and improve current processes to accommodate changes in feedstock materials and create new processes to ensure we provide recycling for a broader range of materials. This helps Councils reach recycling targets.

Re-Gen waste has the expertise and capability to evolve its current facilities and processes as and when required. We believe there is always room to improve with innovative waste management solutions, and we have the qualified staff and resources to do it, and to get it right. 

How we achieve our goals

Setting ourselves waste to energy targets is one thing, but how we go about achieving them is quite another. The key factors considered each time are:

  • Design and build new machinery and equipment to test new ideas for improving efficiency
  • Design and build bespoke equipment to meet requirements for changing feedstock
  • Reduce the need for maintenance within our plant
  • Continually research new technologies emerging in the recycling material recovery sector
  • Adapt and install existing technologies to improve efficiency within existing plant
  • Improve recovery processes and achieve high quality end products with commercial value

“The glass plant was designed by Re-Gen’s in House R & D Department and manufactured by Re-Gen Engineering as a solution to remove glass from commingled material. Depending on the mixture, up to 95% of glass processed through the plant goes ‘back to bottle’. With the addition of the glass plant Re-Gen now offers a fully commingled, ‘with glass’ option to Local Authorities. All glass is removed from the mixed dry recyclables and processed through the dedicated glass plant. This is yet another refinement to the recycling process and so far has processed in excess of 25,000 tonnes of glass.”


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