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Re-Gen Waste started trading in 2004 as an integrated recycling and waste management company and in that time has developed one of Europe’s most advanced MRF (materials recovery facility) installations. The Newry-based factory handles mixed waste processing with best in class technologies in place to ensure European standards of recycling are not only met, but regularly exceeded. This waste to energy facility is ideally located to serve the needs of customers and councils across the UK and Ireland, in order to help them meet their recycling needs and achieve waste to landfill targets.

Travelling across the globe to establish best in class practices and identify where even more efficiencies could be made, Re-Gen founders decided the only way to proceed was to build their own purpose-built factory, which is where the founding directors found that having a background in construction served them well. Bespoke machinery has allowed Re-Gen to carve new paths to market, making operational efficiencies and finding new ways to contribute to environmental responsibility.

Re-Gen Waste now operates their Newry-based factory 24 hours a day to process over 1.5 million tonnes of waste. Company operations include waste to energy (WTE), MDR processing, MSW processing and engineering. 

Our Values & Principles


We built our company on the solid principles of good old fashioned customer service, honesty and our genuine curiosity for making things better. Here are our core values which drive us every day:

  • Determination We are resolute and utterly determined to find an effective solution to your waste management problem. In fact, when we couldn’t find the machinery we needed for our factory, we solved this by building our own bespoke equipment.
  • Positivity: We love what we do, and it shows in our work! Our whole team is committed to environmental responsibility, so this passion and enthusiasm is always present in our work.
  • Hard Work: Our hands-on approach means we all roll up our sleeves and get stuck into work, whether that’s at a desk or in the factory. Like our MD says, “You can’t run a company like this stuck in an office.”
  • Getting it right first time: It’s always been our way to give it 100%, so if it’s not perfect we’ll work to make it so.
  • Open, Honest & Approachable: Our long term relationships with clients have been built on these principles, and our customers appreciate our straight-talking, no-nonsense approach to problem-solving.  We want to solve problems together, so we actually listen to what our customers and our front line staff have to say about making our operations better. Better business for you means better business for us, so as far as we can see, it’s win win to have open and honest two-way conversations. 

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